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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Name / Nickname : Asahina Yoko ☀ Eve Creus ☀ Y 之 ☀ Yoko
D.O.B : 8th October
Preferred Language : English ☀ 华 ☀ Malay
Tool used for drawing : Wacom Bamboo Tablet ☀ Paint Tool SAI ☀ Photoshop CS6
My UTAU: Yusune Yoru ☀ Yusune Asa ☀ Yusune Sano ☀ Hideki Shinra

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C8_Shayne GenderBend
I am so slow with RP groups art (:3 Finally did one of the group's prompt uwaaa :iconlazycryplz: And nope not sure what to name her, maybe Shane? Hmmmm...

Shayne Myers_GB (c) YokoAsahina
It has been some time since I posted any journal :iconjiriblushuplz: But do check out TheCecile art raffle and request here: RAFFLE + REQUEST 2 winners [OPEN] !! 
  • Listening to: Spring Day - BTS
Hello! I am holding an art raffle at my FB Page (@/yokoxeve) Do check it out if you are interested! Thank you.
[OC] Medley Main Cast
Just a picture of my original characters in a original story I write (or imagined at least) name Medley. 

All characters are mine! 
.:PO:. Tracker_Avery Mitchell




STR: 12
DEX: 13
INT: 10
LUK: 15







  • Beginner Hammer 


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • Healling Aura (Support Skill)
    • Once activated this skill she could heal 200 HP on only one ally or herself at a time which lasted only for 2 turn. After 2 turn, the skill will go on a cool down of 3 turns. 
  • Lightning Smash (Active Skill)
    • Using her hammer she could smash her enemy down with a spark of electricity, chances of inflicting the enemy into paralyze state is 30%. This skill is an AOE base skill which has a cool down of 2 turns. 
  • Electric Barrier (Passive Skill)
    • Upon being attack, there are 30% chances of the damage being lowered by 200 DMG (for beginner monster) while 350 DMG (for intermediate monster) and 400 DMG (for expert monster). 
    • It may block up to 500 DMG (for all monster type), which has a 10% chance. 
      • Means either Avery can block 200-350dmg for 30% chance or 500dmg which has a lower chance of 10%
    • This skill is a passive skill, after being attacked for 3 turns, the skill will not be activated again until after 5 turns. 



Finally done this will update it when I wake :iconsaecryplz:
.:DS:. Sketch Dumps

Sketch dumps compiling all the sketches I done for despair ship aaaaaaa :iconhecryplz:

Reiner (c) shiro-ritto
Mitsurugi (c) Aikobo
Lacey (c) accelixio
Maya (c) sem-pie
[COMMISSION] 25_3_17
Headshot sketch commission done for BlackRabbitPhotography from Facebook! If interested do note/comment on my main page or here for more info!

Elaine and Ban are from Nanatsu no Taizai! 

Order One Here!

.:CC:. Alexander Fiennes


Basic Information:

Fiennes, Alexander (Alex)

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth: June 18

Height: 180cm | 5’10”

Nationality: British

Course Information:

Degree: Postgraduate, Performance (Saxophone)

Year: Postgraduate 1st Year

Elective: Jazz Studies


+ Spontaneous | Initiative | Confident | Independent |Responsible
- Childish | Unorganized | Vague | Procrastinator | Parsimonious 

Alex is a confident and initiative person, never afraid to show his skills and ask for opportunity, which explained his frequent experience being a session musician as he always reached out to studio for job offers. He can be independent and responsible for his actions, since his family started off poor he learned to perform a lot tasks on his own and own all of it regarding the consequences. He is also spontaneous, which was slowly developed during his time when he is pursuing music therapy master course since he needs to think and act quickly if a patient acted up.

On the downside Alex is very childish, often not acting his age. He sucks at organizing himself, especially when he has a lot of tasks on his hands he could get jumpy and manage them poorly, also due to his procrastination, the tasks may go haywire easily , although he would still takes responsible for it if anything went wrong. He is also a vague person, often does not express himself clearly which would led to misunderstanding. Due to his poor family past, he can be parsimonious, where he would calculate every penny he spent and evaluate if it is worth it or not.


“This my dear, is a jazz band.”

He remembered it as clear as the day, his parents brought him to a jazz band performance. The tickets weren’t cheap, for the Fiennes it was an extravagant spent, but the two couple decided the latter, which ultimately sparked their son’s interest towards music.

“Can I learn how to play one of those?”

His parents could only smile bitterly, he understood quickly, their financial state were not very bright after all. He could not helped but sulked, until his parents compromised and brought him a guitar instead. Even though it was not any of those jazz instruments he look up upon, he was thrilled. Slowly he worked his way up, through hard work and years of practices, often joining small bands as a session musician to earn his income and experience, he finally bought his first alto-saxophone.

After that, he spared no time for rest, he practiced it everyday, also joining classes to learn further. Graduating from high school, he pursued his love for music further by taking up courses as his family financial status has slowly stabilized. But the downfall finally came, where right after his graduation from his degree, his mother was diagnosed with Dementia. Desperate on curing his mother’s illness, Alex abandon his original pursue for master in performance and picked up music therapy instead, ultimately setting his saxophone aside. After 3 years and his clinical training, he stayed with his mother and helped with her therapy session until finally when he is 26, his mother condition has turn for the better.

“It is time for you to pursue what you really aimed for.”

Deciding his mother condition is stable enough, he finally pick up his saxophone again, also leading him to continue his pursuit for a master in performance. Where? Of course he had decided that long ago, Clefford Conservatory it is!


Likes & Dislikes:

+ Jazz music
+ His saxophone
+ Money

- Driving
- Beer (He prefer sparkling juice)
- Have to spend on unnecessary things

Favorite Pieces:

Since he was trained as a music therapist, his song choices are usually soft and calming, but he does like fun music too just he played it to himself most of the time. (sadly)


He don’t live in the dorm since he preferred to save his money for something else. After classes he usually spend his time around the conservatory practicing his saxophone. During the weekends he would occasionally visit the hospital he did his clinical training at and help out with the session. (Volunteer work)


  • Always get carried around by Annie

  • Is hopeless in driving

  • He has a crush on someone (she someone that is not from the conservatory)

  • He has a pet cat name Yuli the Second

  • Has been continuously being called by a certain drunk Yvonne and ask if he is gay or European (definitely European!!)

  • He can play the guitar, but he love the saxophone more

  • He is actually embarrassed due to the fact he can play the guitar because he don't think its jazzy enough

  • He wears a reading glasses occasionally 

  • He styled his hair during concerts 

  • Has a mole under his left eye (<<<)

Relationships: -

RP Method & Time Zone:
GMT +8 Malaysia Discord/Twitter

.:PO:. Avery Mitchell


Basic Information:

"Have you heard BTS latest album? I wish I could collect all of their albums..."

Name: Avery Mitchell
Nickname: Avery 
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 150cm | 4.9 ft.
Nationality: Australian 


Department: Rescuer
Job: Cleric || Inquisitor 
Inquisitor is an all rounder job, it does not simply stay as the healer of the team but also handle the attack and defense of the team. Although it could contribute itself in many ways, their stats are just comparatively lower compared to other jobs that mainly focuses on a set of attributes. Example if an attacker main class could dealt 1000 damage to a mob, an inquisitor could only deal 400 damage, although higher than any other support class but still lower than the main attacker class. 
Level: 1
Rank: Novice
Title: TBA

  • Healling Aura (Support Skill)
    • Once activated this skill she could heal 200 HP on only one ally or herself at a time which lasted only for 2 turn. After 2 turn, the skill will go on a cool down of 3 turns. 
  • Lightning Smash (Active Skill)
    • Using her hammer she could smash her enemy down with a spark of electricity, chances of inflicting the enemy into paralyze state is 30%. This skill is an AOE base skill which has a cool down of 2 turns. 
  • Electric Barrier (Passive Skill)
    • Upon being attack, there are 30% chances of the damage being lowered by 200 DMG (for beginner monster) while 350 DMG (for intermediate monster) and 400 DMG (for expert monster). 
    • It may block up to 500 DMG (for all monster type), which has a 10% chance. 
      • Means either Avery can block 200-350dmg for 30% chance or 500dmg which has a lower chance of 10%
    • This skill is a passive skill, after being attacked for 3 turns, the skill will not be activated again until after 5 turns. 


+ Caring + Fair + Modest + Cheerful + Studious || - Dependent - Easily discouraged - Lack of interest - Weak-willed - Lack of Creativity

Avery is a caring girl, where she cares for everyone and anyone equally. If she sees a beggar on the street, she would donate a penny to him/her (because she is poor); if she sees a lost puppy on the street, she would carry it home and beg Rowyn to pay for its' food. She is also a fair person, she hated if people treated other differently from their bias, which is why she always love all her family and friends the same as her oppa. Avery rarely boast, modest as she is she kept a low profile anywhere, but this never beats her energetic cheeriness, she always smile to keep everyone around her motivated and happy. She is also studious, a self-claim nerd that loves to read (even most of the books she read are fashion magazines). 

On the down side, she is very dependent especially on her sister. She is also easily discouraged by anyone as she has a very weak willed (the only thing she is strong at is her k-pop craze). Avery shows almost lack of interest in other stuffs as she does not like to initiate herself to start on something new, she also lacks creativity, always unable to think out of the box, which make her way of doing stuffs boring. 

Likes & Dislikes:

K-Pop idols, songs 
+ Korean fashion
+ Games (Otome games mainly)
+ Fashion magazines
+ Cute plush toys

- High heels
- Clowns
- Horror movie/games
- Unable to attend her favorite band's concert
- Being poor as she can't get her merchandises 


"Avery wants to be a fashion designer when Avery grows up."

That was what young Avery Mitchell said, but the girl's dream easily forgotten, her will was easily crushed when a gang of children came up and laughed at her 5 years old designs. Seriously it was a 5 years old drawing, you can't expect professional drawing from a 5 years old. Unless you are a genius. Sighing, she threw her designs and her dream into the trash can, following with a boring and mediocre lifestyle until she step into high school.

"Oh my god these bands are so good!"

She eyed the music video her friends showed her, she remembered they were a band from Korea, she was awed by their dances and song. Slow and steady she stepped herself further into Korean pop idol world, picking up more and more bands and even went further ahead on buying their merchandise as collection. But the merchandises weren't cheap...

"Rowyn! Please get me this!!!!"

That was probably what she asked her sister the most, her beloved sister that would just purchased anything she requested as long as the price was reasonable. She and her sister are close, along with their cute little neighbor, the little demon was what Avery love to call her, since she love to pretend like she was a demon or something, until college came and the little demon was send off to the States, sadden by her departure she could only gift her one of this small key chain of her favorite band as a souvenir. (It is expensive yo)

It was until she finally saved up some money including her sister kind sponsor, she was able to travel to the States to attend this one concert she was looking forward to, the concert of course was a blast, until when she went back to her hotel room the receptionist pass her a letter and a box, a game console from the outer appearance. She decided that it maybe Rowyn's secret present for her, since she did mentioned she loved otome games and couldn't afford any consoles for it. But her smile dropped when she opened the package in the room, the letter and the video. 

Holding up the console she almost threw it across the room, but she stopped, scared of course, what if it explodes? Rowyn wouldn't play a prank like this on her, not even little demon if she wanted to (she forgot to tell Fay about her trip to States due to her over hype over the concert). She cried, instantly calling her sister to tell her about this, but her replied shocked her, little did she know that her sister also received the same package as well, her phone slid down her grip, they were stranded in this together


"Now what?"


"Rowyn what is going on, oh my god what is this oh no no no no no ARE YOU GOING TO DIE OR IS IT ME THE SCREEN IS RED OH NO DO I HEAL?????" 

She quickly spammed her healing skill, although she knew fairly well she could only heal one target at a time with a certain cool down, but luckily she managed to heal herself before her HP drop to 0 while her sister and seemingly another member arrived and cleared the wave. What caught Avery's attention the most is her red hair and the big black frame glasses, her username shown as Jina

"Hi, would you like to join a team who had gathered together to beat the game?" 

A message shined in front of her, happily she replied yes, it is always good to have a good back up, and helping each other is always good. And so her journey in P.O.S.T will begin...


Voice: Raon Lee
01 || 02 

  • Mitchell Family 
She loves her family, but as much as she loves them, she loves her Oppa as well. 
Her younger sister that also received the same game console and letter with her, together they moved to the States to work in POST. She cares for her sister as much as her Oppa.
  • Fay Amery
The little demon, her cute neighbor that loved to play ritual with them and act as a demon, she thought it was cute though, and probably sad at the thought that it would just be a phase that she would get over it. She found out Fay got the game as well pretty later after that. 


  • She is a big fan of BTS and EXO.
  • She actually tried to learn her favorite songs' choreography but always fail to do so because of her weak will. 
  • She is an otome game fanatic
  • Will add more after developed
RP Methods: 
Discord/Twitter DM, Malaysia GMT+8

Author's Note:

Crying tbh ...
2S_Sketch Dump 1

Some sketches I done throughout the month I hope I calculated the XP right too :iconlazycryplz:

Checkmate (c) Evimo 
Shade (c) PAOJIE
.:KA:.Rose Garden Gala

Finally done aaaaaaaa Squeezed this into my tight schedule because precious daughter wwwww :iconlazyshyplz: 
C8_Shayne Myers

    Basic Information


    Shayne Myers




    November 30



    Height | Weight

    178cm (5' 10") |  68kg (150 lbs)


    White American 

    Weapon and Stats

    Electric Tonfa
    A tonfa with the click of the button on the handle, a wave of electricity will be emitted, which is mainly used to stun the opponent's movement. The advantage is that it can catches the opponent off guard by suddenly stunning them with electricity, where the downside of it is that it would render useless if the opponent is an electric ability user or if they wear too much non-conductive materials. 


        STR: 2
        DEX: 2
        AGI: 2
        INT: 1
        VIT: 1


    + Energetic + Adaptable + Hardworking + Optimistic + Kind  ||  - Obsessive - Ruthless - Ignorant - Simple Minded

    Shayne is very energetic, almost to a point of hyperactive, he can never get tired of running around places, also because of this he hated being seated for too long, feeling that he is being constricted by the lack of freedom. He is also very adaptable, which he could easily adapts himself into any situation. Shayne can be very hardworking, especially when it comes to his combat training where he trains himself every day in the gym without fail. Besides that, he is kind to everyone except Specials (unless the specials hide their bar code well enough to not let him notice that they are specials), he is willing to help them in a heartbeat even sacrificing his own personal time for it. Shayne is also optimistic, always believe in a better end on the other side of every path. 

    On the downside, Shayne can be very simple minded. To Shayne, everyone is either good or bad, there is no in between for him, which also made him easily to be manipulated if they see the chance. Shayne is also totally obsessed with his belief that he would not spare any second thought or simply being ignorant about the fact that some specials can be good and some agents can be evil as well. These simple thoughts made him extremely ruthless towards the Specials, showing no mercy during their fights, even willing to kill them by any lengths. As long as the person stays a special, they can never be good, to Shayne they are peoples tainted by the evil, and justice must be delivered. 

    (265 words)


    - Manicure 
    - Justice
    - Animals


    - Specials
    - People who associate with Specials
    - Being seated for too long



    Shayne is a kid born from a normal family, but under his parents constant influence, he strives to join B.O.S.S agency, for the sake to fulfill his parents' wish and helping the society.

    "But this small summary is not enough for you, I see."

    Shayne Myers, a single child born in a loving family of two couples. They are a decent family, both elders having a stable job. But many are doubtful, is their family really alright? A loving family? Are you sure they are loving? To Shayne, they are of course always lovely, although sometimes poppa and momma can be a little scary.


    "Shayne, they are bad."


    “Who are they?”

    "Look Shayne, it is them again."


    “What did they do?”



    “Poppa momma you are scaring me…” 

    "Stay away from them Shayne!" 

    Those are like mantras to his ears, ever since young his parents constantly show him news about specials robbing a bank, killing normal citizens, destroying places... Young Shayne at first of course, show empathy, but it was immediately struck down by his parents' teachings. 

    "Don't sympathize with them."



    "You are way better than this."



    “Hate them.”

    Slowly he forgot that he questioned his parents' teachings once, he even forgot to ask. Before Shayne know it, his world is now black and white. The B.O.S.S agents and the innocent civilians being the white, while the specials black. The once grey area was now just a distant memory, never to be remembered again.


    “I hope they all just die.”


    But it doesn’t stop there, no one knows what pushes the Myers couples to the edge, to the brink of total hatred towards the specials. They continued showering their only child about the evil doings of a special, and the heroic action of the B.O.S.S agents. They continued warping his head around the twisted justice they believed in, the justice they believed must be delivered to all specials in the world.


    “Shayne you dear little boy, be a B.O.S.S agent, serve the country, protect us from them, protect everyone from them.”


    He, of course, complied, which lead to him training every day without fail, setting joining B.O.S.S agency his highest priority.


    They are bad.”


    They are bad.”


    They are bad.”


    They are bad.”


    He repeated that every time he trained, it seemed like a good motivation, it pushed him further and further, surpassing his limits.


    “Your parents are real weirdos, I mean, not all specials are bad-“


    The male was quickly pushed against the wall before he could finish his sentence, his horrified eyes meeting the other. No one went up to stop them, everyone around them knew what terrified the boy, it was not the extraordinary strength Shayne displayed, but the weird shine in his eyes, the pure hatred towards the specials.


    They are bad.”


    No one argued with Shayne about the fact anymore, they let him dwell in his delusion, not wanting to get on his bad side. Besides, if no one says a thing about specials, he is a good kid.


    After years of training and study, he finally join his dream agency, B.O.S.S, his parents are of course proud of him.


    “Bring us justice.”


    “Punish them.”


    “Remember the pain they brought to every one here.”


    “I remember poppa, momma.”


    How can he forget? He had remembered it by his heart.

    (512 words) 


    - He is sort of hyperactive, he cannot stay still for too long or he will get annoyed or unfocused 
    - You can still talk to him just let him ponders around the room while you talk he will only sit down when he feels like it
    - He wears his sunglasses everywhere, even off mission, but not his mask because its stuffy.
    - He had a collection of nail polish and nail care accessories in his room.
    - VA: Quinton Flynn (Reno from FF7)

    RP Method

    - Twitter/Discord
    - GMT +8 Malaysia
2S_Adrienne Lobe

"It looks interesting!"


Adrienne Lobe
Nickname: Lynxs
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 30
Height: 170cm | 5'6" ft
Weight: 65kg | 143lbs
CV: Toyoguchi Megumi | Enoshima Junko

"Lets' play a game! Which do you think is fake? Guess it!"


Rank: Pawn
Badge: A dark purple (near black) spider with red eyes surrounded with soft purple outline. Whenever there is a message it speaks to Adrienne in a soft female voice. 
Weapon:  Keyblink by Twistyd 

STR | 3
END | 5
SPD | 2
COD | 1
INT  | 2
FLX  | 4
[Total: 17]



Social-bee | Adventurous | Carefree | Careful | Ambitious 
- Dishonesty | Traitorous | Rude | Hot-tempered  | Impatient |

Adrienne is widely known as a social bee, her carefree attitude easily attracts people to her, as she is able to converse with other in a relaxing manner without intimidating anyone. Adrienne is always up to a challenge, adventurous as she is she loves to try out new things or visit new places, which is also why she participate in the Specter game because she thinks that it is fun.

Despite all the fun and carefree attitude, she can be very ambitious, once she set her mind on a goal, she would go to any lengths to achieve it. She may also look idiotic to others, but Adrienne is actually really careful on her actions as long as she kept her temper on check. Once her temper got out of hand, all hell set loose. She would start being rude to others without caring others' feelings like cursing or even using brute force to solve the problem until she cools down and witness the mess she made. Adrienne can also be impatient, which would drives her to use shortcuts she isn't supposed to use to achieve her goals. Think twice if you think you befriended her! She is never honest and could easily betray others' trust in flat seconds if that is what she thinks is right to do. 

[220 words]

Likes & Dislikes 

+ Talking to people
+ Parkour 
+ Sport shoes [She loves collecting them]
+ Fun stuffs / challenges 
+ Spiders

- Bitter food
- Getting bored 
- Staying quiet 
- Books
- Children [Look her patience gauge is decreasing... rapidly!]

"Do not bring me to an orphanage, seriously, before I f*cking kill those brats!"


Date: xx/xx/2xxx

"I hate my boring life."

The girl only sighed deeply while lying on her bed, blowing her bangs out of the way she stared into nothingness, but slowly a smile crept up her face. 

"I think I know what I am going to do today!" 

Date: xx/xx/2xxx

"Who. the. hell. was. that. b**ch!?"

A group of taller men look around furiously, not noticing the b**ch they were looking for was already walking away humming on the other side. Taking her turn into an alley she laughed, follow by an applause truly by herself to herself. 

"Lets' see what is in here~" 

She pulled out the bag she scooped from the men, swiftly opening them it revealed a whole lot of money. She whistled at that, adjusting her messy bangs she closed the bag, thinking all the shoes she could get with these, maybe that limited edition one she has been eyeing on. Man, she could just buy all of them and have them by herself, smiling she nodded at her marvelous plan. But after a while staring at the bag, she sighed. 


The girl skipped away, the bag she stole left in the middle of the garbage can. If anyone found it, then it must be their lucky day! 

Date: 01/01/2400

"Lets' play a love game, play a love game."

She scrolled the sites on her computer, rubbing her sleepy eyes she yawned, the song continued to play in the background.


The small noise attracted her attention immediately, she squinted at her screen after clicking on the strange pop up appearing randomly from nowhere. Strange, she did not click on anything for sure so how the message just pop up? A virus?

Do you consider yourself reckless?
Or are you anxious?
Did you ever try to overcome the limits of your fear?
Are you enchained by them?
Are you tired of your everlasting boredom?

Outcasts, Poor, Bored, Hopeless- 
We invite you to play a game against your fate. If you win, you will gain eternal wealth and power. It’s not a game of luck. It’s a game about never giving up. Never losing hope. Never accepting what others decided for you. 
To succeed, you only need to do one thing.

Raising her eyebrows at this, she whistled. Slowly she spelled out the words from the screen, truly entranced by its' invitation. 


"Do you want love or you want fame?" 

She smiled at this, finally! Something fun! Without thinking twice she click on the one obvious answer she knew. 

"Are you in the game?" 

The message loaded a bit, showing a success sign it provided her a link to download the application and the meeting up information. 

"Dans le love game."


"You must be the new user right? My name is MIA. I will be the one to guide you through everything, so you have nothing to worry about."

"Cool so when do I get to do fun stuff?" 

MIA only smiles, pointing at a box in front of her. "Soon, b
ut you won't have to stay here for that. Take one of those with you. Badges. They represent your membership of Specter. So losing it will lead to being kicked immediately. "

She raises her eyebrow at that, but still she takes one of those badges the girl been talking about, examining it she whistles at the fine quality they are made with.

"Have fun!"


And the girl is gone. 

[577 words]
"Oh well!"

Extras  Keyblink by Twistyd

Relationship: 404 Error 

  • She loves to gossip
  • Very random, seriously.
  • She really love challenges, just throw her one and she will do it, no matter the cost.
  • Gets bored super easily 
  • She loves to randomly hum songs in the middle of nothing if she is bored

"Come on! Stop asking about me! Tell me about yourself instead!"

RP Method

Timezone: GMT +8 Malaysia
RP Medium: Discord/Twitter

Artist's Comment

Man what is grammar. The song in the middle of the biography is Love game by Lady Gaga! 

AA: Secret Santa 2016
Hello nyahsart ! I am your secret santa~ Though I am very late ;;; But I hope you would be happy with this! 

Yuu (c) nyahsart
Kuzuru (c) Fawnation


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Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) Lenny Intensifies (chat emote) 
YokoAsahina Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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YokoAsahina Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
it is not abuse when it comes to mochinko
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Fawnation Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man a Malaysian ;;v;;
why do i only realise now
hello :v
YokoAsahina Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
HELLOOOOOOOOO :iconsupertackleplz:
Fawnation Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
;;w;; YAY
//flies hug back//
SmashTrainer Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016
Happy Birthday
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Thank youuuu!! ><
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016
Nice gallery:)
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